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Search Google Like a Pro | Google Search

This tutorial will teach you how to search Google like a pro . Find anything you want in google with the help of this tutorial.

Lets Start !!

1.Quotation Marks (“”):- Quotation

Marks Are Used To Search An Exact Word or Phrase.

Like If You Search “Hello World”

Google will show you phrases

Containing Hello World.


2. Minus sign (-):-

Minus Sign is Used To Exclude A Term or A Certain Thing from A Searchable Context.


If We Write (Cats And Dogs -Bull dogs).Google will show u everything Besides Bull Dogs.


3. Site Search (site:) :-

We Use Site Operators To Search Within The Website.


If We Search ( Cactus). It will show all the results within the Wikipedia about the Cactus.


4. The Tilde (~) :- 

We Use Tilde(~) To Search Everything Related To A Certain Word.


If We Search (~ism).It will show Everything Related To the ism.


5.Time Ranges :- 

Well, This One is pretty cool. It lets u

To Search between a certain time Range.


If We Search ( Coffee 2012..2015).

It will Show and all within the time Range.

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This is how you search Google like a pro .That’s it For Now , Will Come With More

Check Out the Blog for Digital Marketing and Online Business