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Anonymity While Using Android

There are 2.3 Billion Android Smartphones in Use Around the World. Millions of android apps are available and many tools are keeps tracking on users . So it is important to stay anonymous whenever you want and maintain privacy on android

Here are the steps for Privacy on Android:

Use vpn, proxy whatever suits u,

Download Firefox and
Install the required extensions:

Cookie autodelete. I think everything is clear here, this extension automatically deletes cookies.

Decentraleyes. Disables tracking from ads.

Disable WebRtc. Necessarily! WebRTC is a JavaScript based communication protocol that, by default, can leak your actual IP address. This addon fixes this flaw by making VPNs more efficient.

Google analytics blocked. No tracking from Google.

NoScript. Disabling scripts. Also required. (to be honest, it sucks on almost all websites, disable it temporarily if u believe any site.)

Privacy Badger. Tracker blocker.

User-agent swither. Your user agent changes.

IDN Safe. It is a browser extension that blocks internationalized domain names so you cannot visit likely fake sites.

Privacy settings. Privacy setting.

FoxyProxy. Needed to work with proxies, be sure to add them to this extension after purchasing proxies! The setup guide can be found on Google.

All this is the minimum necessary for working from the phone. If even after that you will not feel safe, you can use the left SIM cards, someone else’s wi-fi, and, if necessary, change the phone. It all depends on your goals.

Check Out the Blog for Digital Marketing and Online Business