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Cool Internet Tricks and Tips

amazon prime video

Get Free Amazon Prime Subscription for One Year

Learn how to get free amazon prime video subscription for free .Get amazon prime membership for absolutely free. Prime membership.

free proxy list

Get Free Proxy List from Backconnect | Free Proxies

Are you paying for proxies ? Don’t Worry . Here is the tutorial on how to get free proxy list from Backconnect. Never Pay proxies again.

invasion of privacy

Invasion of Privacy 10 Extensions to Protect Online Privacy

Due to huge invasion of privacy for the sake of business and marketing . Use these tools to protect ourselves from the leakage of data .

google drive unlimited storage

Get Google Drive Unlimited Storage for Free | Tricks

In this Post we are going to discuss about how to get Google Drive unlimited Storage for absolutely . No need to pay for more google drive storage .Many people are literally just selling this method and I feel like sharing this out so that you don’t have to pay because the seller just don’t …

install android app

How to Install Android App in Smartphone Remotely?

This tutorials is on how to install android app remotely on smartphone without actually having the smartphone in your hands .

make money online fast

Make $50 per day with Fortnite | Make Money Online Fast

his method is simple as hell . This is new way of making money online fast using Fortnite. This method not even exist in any forums .

android tricks

Access Computer’s Hard Drive With Android | Tricks

This is one our other android tricks teaches you how to access PC hard disk from phone in few simple steps . Let learn how it’s done.

Best Free Rdp

How to Get Best Free RDP Method? [Tested]

This is tutorial is on how to get best free RDP which is tested and found to be working . You can get access to free RDP instantly and use this wisely . Steps : Step -1 : Go to : Login with google account Step -2 : After that, you will go to File …

can you recover deleted emails from gmail

How to Recover Deleted Emails in Gmail ?

Accidently deleted emails from gmail permanently?. Don’t Worry . This tutorial will lead you on how can you recover deleted emails from gmail.

Advanced Google Dorks

Advanced Google Dorks Tutorial | Google Dorks

This tutorial is all about Google Dorks in Advanced Level which is suitable for both newbies and Intermediates . Find Hidden Stuff with Dorks.

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