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Get Free Followers on Instagram | FreeInstaFollowers

Now every one is growing an Instagram page for being an Influencer and for Brand . The main problem is gaining followers . So here web are going  to learn how to get free followers on Instagram . FreeInstaFollowers !!

Steps for FreeInstaFollowers :

1. Download Hiketop+ on your phone or emulator (You can perform this method in android or iOS, you choose)

2. Create an Instagram account, it can be fake or not, it’s up to you, but add a profile picture, any profile picture is acceptable.

3. Open Hiketop+ and press SIGN IN, put your login details, and when logged in press LOGGED IN.

5. Once you’re in the app with your account logged in, you have to start winning diamonds, it’s pretty easy to win and you win 400 diamonds per hour.

6. To win diamonds go to the “People” icon, it should explain to you everything, but to win diamonds you have to follow those people with your fake account.

free followers on instagram
free followers on Instagram

7. Press to follow and you win +10 diamonds per person followed, the limit is 40 tasks and you have to wait 1 hour to do the tasks again, optionally you can also like people’s posts and win diamonds, just go to the big red diamond button below, and press “Put likes” or something like that, it should show you a post and when you press the heart it redirects you to the page to like the post, you win +4 diamonds per post liked and limit is 60.

8. You can also create another fake account and put in the app together with yours and you win the double the amount that can be transferred to just one account.

9. To start receiving followers, go to the “People” icon, choose the country, you mostly receive more followers in America or Hindi but you choose.

10. It will show your fake account and the time that lasts to end the followers request.

11. You can also receive likes, just post something, reload Hiketop+ and the post should show up there, press on it and you can select how many like you want in cost of diamond.

12. Karma can be converted into diamonds, 100 karma = 10 diamonds.

Thats it . Now you get Free Followers on Instagram.

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