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Cloud Crypto Mining using RDP | Bitcoin Mining

Wanna do Cloud Crypto mining using RPD ? This tutorial is for you . With this , you can do crypto mining free using a Software provided below . Mine cryptocurrency on pc or an RDP .

Requirements for Cloud Crypto Mining :

1. MinerGate account

2. RDP or PC (8+ GB Ram recommended for good results)

3. Download Minergate Software

 How to use it ?

1. Download the given software.(Create a account in Minargate)

2. Install the software (it is setup).

3. Now run the file and enter your registered email.

4. Now select crypto to mine (which coin is best is also written later).

5. It will take some time (less 2 min) to start and it will start mining crypto.

Important info :

1. It is modified version which mines crypto faster (I have tested myself to)

2. You should mine Monero (XMR) only and it can be converted later on to bitcoin.

3. Max CPU core I prefer 2 (if you select one, it will not be profitable, if you select 3 or 4 , then you can’t be able to use RDP or pc and it will hang a lot)

4. I prefer using it on RDP but its your personal choice , you can use it on your pc too but turn of antivirus as precaution.

5. For live update of balance , you can go to website to check your mining rather than opening RDP and it will take time to load.




DisclaimerYour RDP can be banned so be careful while using it. I will not be responsible for that. I don’t own the file , I found it on the web , so use at your own risk.

Hope this tutorial helps you to make money for mine cryptocurrency on pc or RDP .

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