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Advanced Google Dorks Tutorial | Google Dorks

This tutorial is all about Google Dorks in Advanced Level which is suitable for both newbies and Intermediates . Find Hidden Stuff with Dorks.

With these dorks you get tons of GOOGLE HQ URLS

Vulnerable sites roll down easy with this tutorial.

Okay, so if you are reading this I’m assuming you already know what are dorks and how they work. if you don’t know then don’t wast time reading this

The dorks we are going to write programmers, web designers and other crackers call “GOOGLE DORKS”, other people call them Complex or Deluxe dorks. Basically google dorks are dorks that abuse the power of google to get websites.

Google dorks (Complex/deluxe dorks) are a bit different than the regular dorks we all know.

Here is a regular dork: crackers.php?site=

Here are a few examples of google dorks:

Inurl: "primeflix" + ".co"
allinurl: "primeflix" + "foxcorn"
related: "cracking" + "crackers"
inurl: index.php?site= intext: "games" + site:com

There is no easy way of making these than writing them. I recommend using Notepad++ to write them on.

Download notepad++ :

First of all you need to know what you are looking for. Google dorks are a bit precise so you need to have a clear target. Let’s say steam accounts.

So now keywords. You don’t use random bullshit that get to your mind, or use online keyword scrappers.

You need to go on the site that mostly has what you are looking for (atm we will be writing dorks for steam so we will go on,,, some games on steam e.t.c.)

You need to look around for some keywords in the URLs when you click around and also you need to look for some common keywords around the site. Write them down or something.

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Now let’s start writing the dorks.

Open up Notepad++ and start writing them.
I won’t go into detail on how to use the keyboard and shit (if u dont know that just shut down ur pc).

Here are the commands u need:

Inurl: Google will restrict the results to documents containing that word in the url. For instance, inurl: steamcommunity will
return documents that mention the word “steamcommunity” in their url, anywhere in the document (url or no). Note there can be no space between if you put more words. (You can use + and “” to put more words, but if u need more just use allinurl)

allinurl: Same as inurl but here you can write more words, eg. allinurl: “steampowered” + “.com” .

allintitle: Here you tell google to look for the word provided in the title. allintitle: steam

site: Google will look for URLS containing specific site, eg. site:com –> will look only for sites containing .com

related: Google will look for URLs related to the keyword you put in, eg. related: steam —> will look for urls related to steam

Here are some dorks I wrote for this tutorial:

Inurl: steampowered
allinurl: "steam" + "call of duty"
index.php?game= intext: "wrong password"

Find more lines and learn php and sql for better results don’t ask how to write or how much to get results it depends on the site and keywords too.

Also you can use Google Hacking Database too.


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